PANAY is an island in the Philippines located in the western part of the Visayas. Politically, it is divided into five provinces: Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Iloilo, and Guimaras, all in the Western Visayas Region. It is located southeast of the island of Mindoro and northwest of Negros, separated by the Guimaras Strait. Between Negros and Panay Islands lie the island-province of Guimaras. To the north is the Sibuyan Sea and the islands of Romblon; to the southwest is the Sulu Sea and the Panay Gulf. The island has many rivers including Akean, Banica, Iloilo, and Panay. Panay is the setting of the famous legend of Maragtas, which chronicled the arrival of the Malay race to the Philippine islands.

Monday, October 17, 2011

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sta.Monica Church

The Sta. Monica Church was declared a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Institute (NHI) No.3 Series of 1997. The installed historical marker read " Pan-ay, originally called Bambam, was established in 1572. The first church, constructed in 1774 by Fr. Miguel Murguia, was heavily damaged by typhoon in 1875. The present church was constructed in 1884 under the direction of Fr. Jose Beloso who commissioned Don Juan Reina to cast a bell for the church from seventy sacks of coins donated by the town people. This bell, The biggest bell in the Philippines, measures seven feet in diameter, five feet high, and weighs 10,400 kolograms.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sta.Monica Church

Sta. Monica Church is one of the most oldest church in the country it was built on 1774. Which has been called "an excellent example " of the type of Filipino colonial Baroque style that has blended well with the Neo-Classical Influence. The majestic Baroque influences defined by the use of attached coupled piers in Corinthian style. The grand structure of the church is made up of coral stone which is 70m long 25m wide and 18m high. the walls are 3m thick; the floor is covered with marble. Its structure is shaped in the form of latin cross with one large central altar and four lateral ones, the gilded retablos is gilded gorgeously sculptured of a fine hardwood. Various polychromed statues are highly decorated in an artistic quality. The architecture of the facade is articulated following the tenets of the Baroque movement. It was declared a National Landmark by the national Historical Institute of the Philippines on 1997. in the topmost tier of its five level belfry is the biggest and the mostly likely the heaviest Christian bell in Asia which was cast in 1878 using 70 sacks of coins. it is about 7ft. in height and 5ft. in diameter and weighs 10.4 tons .

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sta. Monica Church - Panay

At the heart of the Municipality of Panay, standing the 3 century-old Church of Sta. Monica. It has been the symbol of christian faith in the region for over 300 years. Its structure was beautifully built in a simple but elegant baroque style. Along with the church, the Sta. Monica Parish also managed the whole convent, church museum and the old-Spanish perimeter wall.

But the most overwhelming features of the the church, is its giant bell considered as the largest bell in Asia. It was located on its belfry, and a clone of the bell has been display on the front of the Parish to give the public of an idea about the size of the bell.

The antique image of the Church makes it a major tourist destinations not just in the municipality of Panay but also in the whole Province of Capiz. The Church alone symbolize the everlasting love of God to the people of the Municipality of Panay, and at the same time, it was existing pride of the residents of the town.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The 3 century-old Church of Sta. Monica - home of the biggest bell in Asia

The town of Panay is distinctly named as the Heritage Capital of the Province of Capiz. This town is made more historic because of its centuries-old Sta. Monica Church, the cradle of faith of Panay Island. Everyday the old Church with the biggest bell in Asia, the convent, the museum, and the old Spanish-perimeter wall regularly cater to local and foreign tourists who visit and marvel at its beauty and grandeur. The Old and beautiful Church stands as the pillar of faith and a symbol of the clear generosity of God all this time.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sta. Monica Parish Church

Sta. Monica Parish Church stands as a reminder of the First Christian Faith in the island. In 1566, Fr. Martin de Rada, O.S.A was the first to proclaim the Gospel in the island of panay at the riverbank of Bamban (now known as the town of Panay). Now, Panay is known as the Heritage Capital of Capiz because of the rich history and the deep culture it owns. Sta. Monica Parish Church is a 3 century-old church which homes the biggest bell in Asia. The bell was cast in 1878 from 70 sacks of coins, 7 ft. wide by 7 ft high, weigh of 10,400 kilograms (10.4 tons). Sta. Monica Parish Church is internationally renowned Parish Church, declared a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Institute, and a National Cultural Treasure in 2004 by the National Commission on Culture and the Arts.